5 Reasons Every Woman Should Always Wear Lingerie

The importance of lingerie cannot be overstated yet it’s significance is often underestimated by most women. Whenever the subject of me purchasing lingerie comes up in certain circles, I often get comments like “Aren’t you single? Do you have a new boyfriend? or my fav and by far the most annoying comment, “hmmm….” which is usually accompanied with a mischievous smirk and wink. Frankly, i’m never surprised because the truth is that most people including women think wearing or buying lingerie should be reserved especially for the bedroom, for the sexual purposes.

It’s no news that a lot women pay more attention to their outward appearances than they do to their undergarments which shouldn’t be the case because everyone knows (even those who won’t admit it) that what’s underneath your fancy clothes really matters. Just because you don’t have a significant other to strut around for in your underthings, does not dismiss you from wearing sexy seductive lingerie.

Incase you’re wondering what these reasons are or just looking for the perfect comeback when one of you girlfriends questions your decision to buy or wear lingerie, here are 5 compelling reasons to always wear lingerie:


5 Reasons Every Woman Should Always Wear Lingerie

Yes, not for bae, for you. This is the most important and obvious reason, making it the perfect reason! The End. In relationships, all we want to do is please our partner while unconsciously & potentially neglecting our own needs. One of the great perks to being single is not having to worry about anybody but yourself. Wearing sexy lingerie instantly makes you feel beautiful, happier, sexier and more confident! And thats all that matters.


Bella Hadid - 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Always Wear Lingerie5 Reasons Every Woman Should Always Wear Lingerie

Life is full of surprises and you don’t not want to be caught on the wrong end of the surprise e.g having a fashion faux pas while you’re wearing a crappy bra or a pair of struggle panties. Even Bella Hadid didn’t see that one coming on the opening  night of the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. At this point all you want is for the ground to swallow you up but we both know that’s not going to happen.


You know that awkward moment when you’re at a store’s fitting room about to try on clothes or in front of your friends changing and half way through taking off your clothes you realize you’re wearing the world’s ugliest panties. Do you want to be witnessed in your oversized animal print granny pants? Or do you want to strut to your friend, slaying in a seductive two piece? Your choice.


Cara Delevingne & Chrissy Teigen - 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Always Wear Lingerie

Covering lust-worthy lingerie with a subtle sheer blouse/dress is the perfect solution to tastefully achieving smoking hot evening attire ( a lá my fav trend- lingerie as outerwear) without baring all. Trust me, when i say this look most definitely does not work with beige,distressed looking underwear.

You Just Never Know…

You know what they say, you never know when they might come off  *mischievous smirk and wink*

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