Christmas Lingerie: Holiday Essentials Every Girl Needs

With just a few more days to Christmas, most of us already have an exciting line up of activities for the holidays. While some are traveling home for the holidays or partying like it’s 99, some others are prepping for couch potato mode as they catch up on their favorite Christmas movies and TV shows.  Whatever the case is, its important to get your lingerie ready!

From the perfect bra to wear underneath your outfit for that Christmas Carol Service, the ideal family appropriate pjs, to that sexy lingerie set that screams naughty or nice, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s your Christmas Lingerie guide to holiday essentials every girl needs.


Firstly, we cannot overemphasize the importance of wearing the right bra. You’ll likely be taking a bunch of photos with friends and family for the gram or videos for snapchat and the last thing you need is an old bra strap dangling off your shoulder or even worse VPL (Visible Pant Lines) getting in the way. See some of our favorite Everyday Bras & Why We Love Them. Remember to always get basic bra sets that will be smooth and comfortable, and will go with everything. The perfect place to shop for those will be at LuLu Lingerie

Lulu Lingerie -Christmas Lingerie: Holiday Essentials Every Girl Needs
LuLu Lingerie Bra Set


Who wants to wake up at their parents’ or grandparents’ house and immediately put on pair jeans for lack of more appropriate clothing? Exactly, no one! Stay comfy without flashing your little cousins, nieces and dear old Grand Pa your goods by getting a family-appropriate pj set that’s cute and comfy just like these pairs at Victoria Secret .

Victoria Secret Pyjamas -Christmas Lingerie: Holiday Essentials Every Girl Needs
Victoria Secret PJ Set


Staying with your boyfriend’s family or In-Laws this Christmas? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to add another layer to your sleepwear for extra coverage, a chic and classic robe like this one from Agent Provocateur is just the perfect fix! That way, nobody has to know what’s going on under or what you did last night.

Agent Provocateur -Christmas Lingerie: Holiday Essentials Every Girl Needs
Agent Provocateur Classic Robe


So you’ll be partying non stop in those figure hugging bodycon dresses right? How about you snag a good shapewear that help boost your confidence and allow you throw caution to the wind while you “walk (or dance)  like you have three men walking behind you.” It will not only define your waist but also make it impossible for the world to tell how far you’ve strayed from your healthy diet this Christmas.


Brief Essentials -Christmas Lingerie: Holiday Essentials Every Girl Needs
Brief Essentials High Waist Brief


Whether you are planning to be naughty or nice, put the ho, ho, ho in the holidays this year by slipping into some sexy boudoir. Get in on the christmas spirit with some holiday-inspired lingerie no matter what your relationship status is. Sleigh Slay this holiday be it for a steamy session with your lover, lingerie themed sleepover with the girls or just because you can.

Victoria Secret Lingerie Set & Robe
**photo credits** Victoria Secret, Agent Provocateur, Brief Essentials, Lulu Lingerie, Yamamay Lingerie
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