When it comes to bras, FIT is everything and because of this, finding the right bra can be quite the challenge, in fact, most women dread bra shopping. Just ask the next girl! There’s so much to consider, from style, to fit to occasion, all of which could be too much to take in all at once especially if you’re a newbie or worse, an OG who’s been wearing the wrong bra size/fit all her life. Don’t fret, help is on the way!

I’ve put together 7 NEON BRIGHT telltale signs that will guide and inform your next bra shopping decision whilst giving you something to look forward to during the trip. These signs let you know whether or not you’re currently wearing or about to purchase a bra that fits well. Once you notice any one or multiple of these signs, you’re best running to the nearest bra store for brand new bras or pulling the brakes on your new purchase no matter how sexy, beautiful or appealing the bra is.


  1. SLIPPING STRAPS – Slipping bra straps could be caused by any of these factors; an oversized band or cup and so in this case, changing your bra is the solution. However, if both your band and cups fit properly you might need to adjust your bra straps, tightening them so that they are secured on your shoulders but if that doesn’t work, try a different style of bra.
  1. DIGGING STRAPS – This definitely one of the most uncomfortable feelings associated with a bra. When this happens, it means all your support is coming from your straps and not your band which should be the other way around. First thing you want to do is check that your straps are adjusted correctly. If you have adjusted the straps and they are still uncomfortable then the bra is too small.
  1. UNDERBOOBS – Lately this has become a trend but it only applies to the fashion of lingerie i.e. while wearing swimsuits, crop tops or lingerie as outerwear and not lingerie for the sole purpose of underwear. The underboob effect is a sign of bad bra fit. Your bra rides up and sits on your breasts either because the bra band is too big or the cup is too small that it doesn’t cover your breast totally.
  1. SIDEBOOBS – No doubt some women naturally have sideboobs or armpit cleavage as it is derogatorily called, however, most times side overflows are as a result of the band being too tight. Try wearing your bra on the loosest hook, if you are and you still have that side overflow then you should move on up a band size.
  1. SPILLING BOOBS – A while ago, I had this issue with my favorite t-shirt bra, besides being perfect for anything I was wearing over it, all it was good for was letting my boobs slip or spill out at odd times causing to keep adjusting and readjusting after every little move. I called it the “my cup runneth over bra”. You always want to make sure your breasts sit comfortably in your cup, so cup overflow is not something that you should be experiencing in a properly fitting bra! It took me a while but I eventually realized i needed to go up a cup size.
  1. HIGH RIDING BAND – My mom says in her time, it was called “Upper Chambers”. LOL, I laugh every time I think about or hear her say it. This is common amongst women who are on the bustier side of the charts who in order to get adequate support fasten their straps too tight, letting all the weight rest on the cup. Try readjusting the straps for balance and if that doesn’t work, the bra is too small. Try another style or get a bigger size.
  1. GAPPING CUP – This happens when your bra cups are larger than your actual breast cup. Your breasts do not fill out the bra cups completely, hence leaving empty spaces at the top of the cup and making the bra cups seem hallow. Typically, what this means is that you need to go down a cup size or more.



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