AMVCA 2017 – Lingerie You Should Wear Under Your Evening Dresses

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards ( AMVCA) 2017 is a  couple of hours away and while everyone is prepping for the big night, getting their hair and makeup on fleek, we hoping you’re not forgetting one important thing – Lingerie! Not just any piece of lingerie but specifically suitable lingerie for different dress styles.

Lingerie can make or break your outfit and so choosing and wearing the right lingerie for a night such as this is very important, so just before you slip into that elegant dress and killer heels, here are a few  dresses and the most suitable underwears that should be worn beneath them.


Mermaid Dressshapewear

Mermaid dresses are super tight and snug and so they require something that helps smoothen your legs. Opting for shapewear that goes down to your knees is just what you need.


Osas Ighodaro - Ajibadebustier

This is a no brainer, whip out your trusted strapless bra or a bustier!


Yemi Alade in Iconic InvanityU-plunge Bra

Deep plunge or deep V dresses are the opposite of the low-back plunge dresses. The deep plunge dress shows off your décolletage and so requires much more than a push-up bra to pull off.
Not to worry, bras like the U-plunge and Deep V plunge were specifically made for these dresses.



If you prefer to show off those sexy long legs a la Angelina Jolie, a thong or a G-string is definitely your go-to choice of underwear because these two lingerie staples could be hiked up on the sides by pulling the bands over the hip and so prevent pantie lines from being seen.

Of course, none of that would work if your slit was cut to the waist for an extra leg-lengthening effect. Your best bet in this case is to get a fashion tape (which is not easy to acquire in these parts) or simply going commando. Yes, you read right!
P.S. –
You’ll need a Brazilian wax and extra caution to pull this off. Good luck!


Minnie Dlaminiblack strapless bra

This is probably the trendiest frock with the simplest and most straightforward undergarment option. If you’re wear an off- shoulder dress to tonight’s AMVCA’s, the key to looking and feeling great in this dress is a good strapless bra.

Your strapless bra should fit well, the front should be snug around the rib cage and the back in line with the front. If it’s the right size, it will stay in place all night without you having to pull it up every few minutes for support.


Game of ThronesSpaghetti Straps are easy, find yourself a good strapless bra just like with the off-shoulder dress, it will give you all the support you need. Otherwise, going braless is also a great option but this depends on the size of your boobs and fit of the dress i.e. small sized breasts, dresses with padded inner cups, thick fabric or tightly fitted.

However, full busted women who insist on having straps can work the lingerie as outerwear trend to your advantage by wearing a bra / bralette with sexy, slinky straps underneath.


Genevieve Nnajiconvertible bra

This uber sexy silhouette can be a such a pain in the butt as far as finding the right underwear goes. For you slay in this slinky number, you’ve got three options – going braless, wearing an adhesive bra or a low back bustier. For medium low back dresses, the later gives you more support than going braless. Find a U-plunge low back bustier or convertible bra, that always does the trick.

However, If you’re showing off everything from your neck to the small of your back, it’s likely that you won’t be able to wear a bustier so why not go braless, using stickies or adhesive bras as a form of support or better still construct a bra out of tape (i.e. tape your boobs).



Kim Kardashian - West seamless panties

Despite being such a classic, the body-con dress could also be very uncomfortable. The fabric would fold in the wrong places, cling to your skin when it gets really hot and in general, be a little bit too close for comfort. To save yourself the hassle, slip into your mom’s favorite slip, seamless slip to be specific. Slips are great for clingy dresses. Or a seamless or laser cute bra and pant set. These undergarments have no elastic and so lays flat against the body.


Celebrities have been big on the naked dress for a while now and we’re definitely expecting the naked dress to continue its red-carpet reign at tonight’s AMVCA’s. First of all, the key to successfully pulling off the sheer / naked dress is in knowing that there are levels to rocking this trend, the beginner, intermediate and advanced level and by choosing which level you feel most comfortable and confident in and last but not least wearing the right lingerie.
Beginner Level –
nude slip

A slip or a half-slip can do the trick and for the more daring, high-waist briefs /panties leaves a little less to the imagination in a subtle trendy way.
Intermediate Level –

For an absolutely sheer look, find an underwear (Bodysuit, high waist pant, bra etc.) that matches your skin tone. Brands like Nubian Skin are definitely your go-to in this situation.

nubian skin
Advanced Level –
naked dressstrapless panties

If the design of the dress requires you looking like you’re wearing absolutely nothing underneath, break out your stickies(again) and wear them with pride and extra caution! In the absence of stickies, find fashion tapes (they are mostly used by stylists during shoots and runway shows) and nipple covers.



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