Fifty Shades Darker Movie Trailer

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The latest Fifty Shades Darker trailer is out! For all the fans of the Fifty Shades franchise, the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, is everything you’ve been waiting for and more: erotic scenes, frilly and lacy lingerie, sexy shower make out scenes, yachts, fast cars and helipads. The trailer is a good way to preempt what you’ll be seeing on the big screens come next year’s Valentine’s on February 14.

From what we can tell, Anastasia Steele played by Dakota Johnson seems to have grown into her own woman now in comparison to the prequel. She has also come to terms with Christian Grey’s (Jamie Dornan) S&M proclivities as she’s more comfortable keeping up with her wealthy boyfriend’s sexual escapades. In the trailer, there is also an appearance of a mysterious older woman from Grey’s past played by Kim Basinger.

No doubt us lingerie freaks are literally freaking out in anticipation of the movie’s lingerie wardrobe, imagine all those sexy, lacy and provocative pieces. We sure can’t wait to see the movie, undress it and give you guys all the load down on lingerie style favs off the movie.

Here’s the teaser…

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