10 Ways To Care For Your Lingerie

Just like women, lingerie is delicate and requires extra tlc. The delicate nature of the fabrics used in making lingerie pieces be it silk, satin or lace makes lingerie vulnerable and easily susceptible to damage.

Since these little underthings things don’t come cheap, preserving the lifespan of your lingerie is highly important and so here are 10 ways to care for your lingerie, from wearing, to washing to storing. These steps will ensure that your intimates is well taken care of and by so doing, making them  last longer.

10 ways to care for your lingerie WEAR

  • Do not wear one bra two days in a row so as to enable it regain its shape and elasticity after each wear. Always alternate your bras.
  • Wash bra after every four wears.
  • Air dry your lingerie(bras, chemise, camisoles etc) after each wear if you are going to wear them a second time.
  • Everyday bras should be replaced every three to six months, as that’s when they start to lose elasticity and support.


  •  Silk, satin, and lace intimates should be always hand-washed and left out to dry, as machines can damage small bits of high-quality fabric. See previous article How To Hand Wash Your Bras and Lingerie
  • If you’d rather machine wash, always use a lingerie wash bag.
  • Hand-wash light and dark delicates in two separate batches to avoid the colors bleeding. If it’s the first time you’re washing an item, always do a test wash separate from the rest.


  • Drawers are the most ideal place for storing your underthings. Storing your lingerie in underwear bags tamper with the shape of your underwear, especially bras.
  • For bras and camis, don’t throw them in a messy drawer—keep them organized and folded properly to maintain the cups.
  • For padded or underwire bras, place them over each other (like you would if wearing them) during storage or fold them in half with the straps tucked under the cups for maximum space management.



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