Inagbe Grand Resort: Fav’s Weekend Getaway Day I

I’ll never pass up an offer to go to the beach, hang around the pool or spend the whole day in swimwear that’s why when my friend Dupe called to invite to a weekend getaway at Inagbe Grand Resort, the only appropriate answer was an emphatic YES!

Besides, this little weekend getaway / staycation was just what i needed at the moment. So of course, invited my sister(who needed the break too), packed my bag and got bikini ready in anticipation of what would now be known as my ‘relaxing, awesome bikini pictures and good times’ weekend.

The Cruise

The boat was such a beauty, I couldn’t resist peeling off my clothes and slipping into my Two-Piece Fishnet Swimsuit for a quick photo-op on deck while we cruised the waters to Inagbe Grand Resort.

Favor Olugu - Inagbe Grand Resort: Fav's Weekend Getaway
Two-piece Fishnet Swimsuit by Marvee


favor olugu on a boat to inagbe grand resort
Fishnet Swimsuit X Beautiful Boat X Picturesque view got me feeling like Kylie Jenner. Lol.

Fav's Weekend Getaway -Boat Cruise Lagos

The Arrival

After what seemed like a thousand pictures, finally we arrived! As i walked down the wooden bridge to the entrance, the mild ocean breeze gently caressed my skin and brought back memories of when i first fell in love with Inagbe Grand Resort.

At the reception, while we waited on the staff to show us to our rooms, i took photos of my friends, Dupe and Toyosi who looked stunning in their kaftans and cover-ups lounging at the reception .

Inagbe Grand Resort - Fav's Weekend Getaway
Welcome to Inagbe
Inagbe Grand Resort- Fav's Weekend Getaway
Toyosi & Dupe lounging in bikinis & cover ups

The View

One word, breathtaking! Bet you can’t tell we’re still in Nigeria yeah?

The search for a picturesque location for our photos didn’t take too long as all the spots in Inagbe Grand Resorts are just as beautiful. Marv, Dupe and I made a beeline to this spot. The results? Gorgeous photos!

Favor Olugu - Inagbe Grand Resort- Fav's Weekend Getaway
 - Inagbe Grand Resort- Fav's Weekend Getaway
Favor Olugu & Marvee Olugu at Inagbe Grand Resort
Sisters – Fav & Marv

The Swim

But first, let me take a selfie. I mean that’s what we came here for right?

Inagbe Grand Resort - Fav's Weekend Getaway
Sisters, Fav & Marv
 Inagbe Grand Resort- Fav's Weekend Getaway
Marv loves the water

Taking a dip in the pool felt so good, it was refreshing to get away from all that Lagos heat and scorching sun. We spent the rest of the evening having a delicious dinner, playing fun games and eventually going for a late night swim before turning in for a well deserved good night’s rest.

Find out what i got up to on day 2 of my weekend getaway in my next post.


photo cred – Marv & Fav for Lingerie Lust

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