Designer Spotlight – Nigeria’s Pioneer Harness Brand, NOLSTNME


  1. Describe yourself in a sentence?

My name is Biodun and I’m a lover of life, art and all things black.

  1. What are harnesses?

Harnesses are straps put together in a way that allows them to be worn. You can call them restraints, a cross between suspenders and belts or fetish fashion accessory. While harnesses are mostly worn for BDSM purposes, in recent times a lot of celebrities, stylists, bloggers and fashionistas etc. have found stylish ways to incorporate them into their outfits (as accessories).leather harness made in Nigeria

  1. How did you get started as a harness designer?

I have always been fascinated by harnesses and I always wanted to own one. One day, I had picked out an outfit I’d thought would look swell styled with a harness and in my excitement, checked almost every page on Instagram and online store in Nigeria so I could buy one and to my dismay, didn’t find a brand or retailer that sold harnesses. Then I went on twitter and found a picture of a harness made of fabric and I thought “Nah, I can do something much sicker in leather”. Soon after I was in the market sourcing leather and every other thing I might need. That same evening, I made my first harness.

  1. What is the inspiration behind your harnesses?

Kinbaku-bi (the beauty of binding) and geometry.

  1. Describe NOLSTNME’s brand aesthetic in 1 word?


  1. How would you describe your journey so far?

In one word? Intense. Also, exciting!

  1. What fascinates you the most about harnesses?

How it makes you look sexy without you having to try or do anything. It’s so effortless. it’s almost like it has sex written all over it but in bold black letters on a black background.

  1. Describe your design process?

Easy, first with an idea, the sketch, to the sample and lastly the finished product.

  1. What materials do you use?

Leather and elastic but mostly leather.leather harness

  1. Do you have an ideal or typical customer? Describe them.

A daring mysterious individual who isn’t scared of embracing their sensual side.

  1. What sizes do you produce?

I was going to say in all sizes, lol but they are actually made to measure so the sizes vary per individual.

  1. In a society such as ours, associating yourself with something this sexual sure has it cons. What are the challenges you face as a harness designer in Nigeria?

I won’t say I face any challenges because honestly not everything is for everybody. A lot of people ask me questions like “What is this?”, “What is it used for?” and I try to explain as best as I can, however, I can’t really say it’s a challenge for me if what I do isn’t what you are looking for.

  1. What are your favorite harness silhouettes?

I don’t think I have one. I like all of them. lol.

  1. With the latest trends in fashion and lingerie, tell us 3 ways we can incorporate harnesses in our everyday style.

  • Upper body harnesses can be worn either above or beneath your garment. I find it works beneath if you are wearing something with a low/plunging neckline.
  • Secondly, you can wear them on your everyday t-shirts and even corporate shirts. Almost like how you would wear suspenders, just imagine them as crazy suspenders.
  • Thigh harnesses can be worn either on top of jeans, trousers and under dresses with thigh high slits for a peekaboo effect.harness as fashion accessory
  1. What’s your advice when it comes to caring for your harnesses?

Keep it in the box or on a hanger and to clean, you only have to wipe it with a damp rag.

  1. Briefs or Thongs?


  1. Padded or unpadded bras?

Free the nipples!

  1. Underwire or Wireless bras?  

What are those? LOL.

  1. On a typical night I could be found sleeping in?

…in the nude.

  1. What’s next for NOLSTNME?

Well at the moment, I know I really want to open a fetish shop.

We’re definitely excited and looking forward to more from NOLSTNME.

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Photographer – Yo It’s Beazy

Harnesses – NOLSTNME

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