The Underboob – Will You Rock This Trend?

The first time I took note that the underboob was becoming a “thing” (I mean Badgirl Riri had been photographed a couple of years back when she had the blonde short hair in an itsy bitsy crop top that showed off her underboobs, but hey! That’s Rihanna for you right?) , I had seen mostly models/celebs show off the lower part of their boobs in two-piece bikinis so naturally, I assumed that it was a swimwear trend until it showed up at last year’s VMA’s on Halsey of music group the Chainsmokers as she performed on stage, then I spotted it on a bunch of celebs from Kylie Jenner, Beyonce (as seen in her Don’t Hurt Yourself Video), Lady Gaga and Teyana Taylor (think Kanye’s Fade Video and Yeezy 2016 show) and Rihanna (again) to name but a few and that was when I realized the underboob was no beach trend but a tough contender to the cleavage.

Clearly the underboob is having its moment on the fashion scene with a lot of celebrities embracing the trend and ditching cleavage for “blevage” via these extremely short crop tops. Will this trend ‘catch’ in Africa, Nigeria perhaps? No doubt fashion is blurring the lines as far as acceptable clothing go but will our women, known for their voluptuousness yet conservative nature think to give this trend a trial? I sincerely DOUBT. Even though it can be tastefully done a la Bella Hadid but who knows what eye saw we will behold when the random wanna-bes get a hold of this trend.

However, if you must rock this growing trend, one thing to note is having the right body for it is VERY IMPORTANT as the underboob trend is a tricky one to pull off.  Having the right breast size; I’m talking cup size A – C, small and perky like Rihanna or Miley Cyrus is key.  I am of the opinion that Kanye’s latest muse, Teyana Taylor didn’t pull off this trend seamless because of her massive boobs.

Another point, quite as important as having the bod to rock it is where you wear the look to. You don’t want to wear an underboob bearing crop top, loose your way and end up at Yaba market or CMS Bus stop. So dear friend apply caution.

Let us know, would you dare rock this risque trend? and if so, how would you style it and wear would you wear it too?


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