The Under Boob – Swimsuit’s Hottest Summer Trend

The Under Boob is swimsuit’s hottest summer trend. Move over, side boob!

Compared to its predecessor-the side boob-, this new cleavage-baring trend has taking over this summer. It has already been spotted on several celebrities who rock this trend by letting the bottom of their boobs peek out of their swimsuits.

Though most might find it offensive, there are a few reasons why i love the under boob trend but most of all, i love it because it pays attention to the most ignored part of the female breast. In addition to that, it also gives you the perfect shame free excuse for wearing a small sized bikini or swimsuit.

Though i only subscribe to showing under boob at the pool or on the beach a la Kourtney Kardashian and several other stars who aren’t letting tiny bikini tops stand in their way of looking great or rocking the trend. Whether you are a one-piece swimsuit girl or a two-piece bikini girl, you can rock the trend as long as you have small to medium sized boobs. For full busted women, being able to successfully and tastefully wear this trend will depend on the style and cut of your swimsuit.

This trend is definitely gaining momentum in the swimsuit department, see photos below of the Kardashian sisters, Teyana Taylor and others show off major under boob.

Under Boob in One Piece Swimsuit

Kim Kardashian-West -The Under Boob - Swimsuit's Hottest Summer Trend

Teyana Taylor in Underboob Bikini

Under Boob in Two-Piece Swimsuit

Kourtney Kardashian -The Under Boob - Swimsuit's Hottest Summer Trend


Emily Ratajkowski -The Under Boob - Swimsuit's Hottest Summer Trend

Kourtney Kardashian -The Under Boob - Swimsuit's Hottest Summer Trend


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