Underwears You Need To Throw Away in 2018

Happy New Year guys!
Yes i know, it’s the second month of the year but hey, you know what they say these days “The year officially begins in February, January was just a trial/test run”.

Lingerie You Need To Throw Away in 2018

 The best way to usher in fresh and better things into the new year (even in February) is to make room by doing away with all unwanted mess, especially those that’s been taking up space in your lingerie drawer for the past 12 months or even longer.
I understand the deep sentiments attached to your favorite bra(s) and most comfortable pair of panties but you and i know that its active / supportive days are gone, those days when support was actually SUPPORT and cleavage was indeed uplifting (literally and figuratively speaking). It’s a no brainer, now is the perfect time for you to part ways.
So now that you’ve decided to decluster and get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your live, aka them trusty old bras, panties and lousy exes( focus girl, FOCUS), it can be difficult knowing where to start so here are a few pointers you need to set the ball rolling.

Bras that are the wrong size.

Perhaps you were wearing a D cup two years ago, but now you’re looking at a DD cup. Whether that’s good or bad news for you, that bra has got to go! Trash it!

Ones that stab you in the chest.

Don’t get me wrong, i love underwired bras but unless you’re into some kind of bdsm involving lingerie underwires, you should toss the bras with exposed underwire. You deserve better than a random jab to the ribs, chest or breast.

Any underwear that is stretched out in the band or straps.

You know those bras that even at the tightest first hook still isn’t tight enough or those undies that all of a sudden become low rises. Time to toss it to the left.

Underwear with stains.

That time of the month is the bane of our womanly existence, but now there’s an app for that! Just kidding. But if your panties are stained why even bother at all?

Faded underwear.

Yeah, once was black but now they’re grey, once was white and now they’re off white, once was nude but now they’re “i don’t even know what color that is” . Yes hun, those gotta go too.

Those panties with holes

It’s a mystery how or where these holes came from but one thing is certain, they are our cue to toss them.

The lingerie you bought when you were a different person.

The bra set you bought when you were 18 is likely worlds apart from what you’re buying today. You’re a different version of yourself now. Let that faux animal print teddy with rhinestones and bows go!

The one you avoid using since you wore it…once.

That weird lingerie you bought to wear that one time and for some reason never worn it again…ever! Like you always press the proverbial skip button whenever you come across it sitting pretty in your lingerie drawer.

**photo credit** – www.riosmodaintima.com.

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