What To Wear Today – 6 Outfits and 6 Underwear Sets to Match

Finding the right underwear to match or wear beneath your outfit can be tough especially in times like these where most fashionable clothes seem like they were made with no consideration to lingerie/underwear whatsoever. As if being a woman is not hard enough, they’re making us pick and choose between good fashion and practical underwear options.

Every week on WHAT TO WEAR TODAY, i’ll be giving you a guide to lingerie and underwear options perfect for your desired outfit and to help you flawlessly get through your week , so say bye bye to having to choose, VPL (that’s short for Visible Panty Lines), wandering straps and other lingerie caused fashion faux pas.

OOTD 1 : CASUAL – T-shirt & Demin

What you need – A Plain T-shirt Bra, French Knickers or Full Panties.

While T-shirt’s are made of light fabric so you don’t want your bra to be visible, denim trousers are thick and so you can afford to wear whatever pattern, cut or style of panties you feel comfy in.


OOTD 2: COCKTAIL – Strapless Jumpsuit / Dress

What you need – A strapless bra and a Lacy Thong or Seamless Panties

The strapless dress is the reason we have strapless bras, no your bra straps aren’t meant to be visible at all. Also depending on the texture of the fabric you’re wearing, if its one that’s light and body hugging wearing seamless panties are certainly more comfortable than going commando.

OOTD 3: EVENING – Spaghetti  & Criss Cross Straps

What you need – Soft Bras, Lacy Bralette and Underwear

What kind of fashion article will this be if i simply told you to wear a boring ol’ silicone bra or pasties. Experiment with your style by wearing sexy lacy bralettes and letting them peak out from underneath your outfit in a subtle but sexy way. 

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